All you need to know about MBBS in Europe for Indian Students.

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Indian students prefer to study and graduate themselves from Philippines as it is easier to get admission and financially it is Economical. Institutions for medical education are very well recognized by authorities and it’s a hub for medical Institution as well as it has ample opportunity for employment after the education is complete.


When it comes to comparing the climate, the reason why Indians prefer Philippines is because they easily gets acquainted with the climate and can get settled with it quickly as it is very similar to Indian climatic condition, the culture of the Philippines is a combination of East and West of United States, Spain and its neighbouring Asian Country. 


The education system has adopted English as their official language as it is understood by all the domestic as well as international students and the benefits during internship are that they have huge source of population and therefore the practical exposure is good. The literacy Rate in Philippines is high as the majority of people living in Philippines are highly educated. 


Student who is passionate about achieving their Goal and to be a great Doctor, MBBS in Abroad especially in Georgia at Georgian National University is what they are looking for.


Reasons to Study MBBS at Best medical university in Georgia


Georgian National University has experienced faculty, traditional learning process, and superior teaching Facility. It is situated in Europe and hence it has European culture. The climate and the beauty of Georgia is a major attraction especially for students. 


The institute are well recognized and approved all over the world in Medical Field. Hence, opportunity to get employment is higher. The college has modern technology and infrastructure. The Climate in Georgia is suitable to Indians, it varies from 23 degree to 32 degree.


English being the common language, it becomes convenient to communicate with the local people and it is not required to learn any new language in Georgia. 


Admissions are on merits basis, and no donation in any form is accepted or demanded by the Georgian medical college.

Students will have practical experience, they will have an opportunity to examine live patients, and they are speak English Language.