Canada Goose Jacket and

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Canada Goose Jacket and


Developed as a nod to post - war bush pilots in Canada's North, the Chilliwack Bomber provides the durability, warmth, Canada Goose Jacket and mobility that these pilots needed when working on Arctic runways. An enduringly popular and iconic style, the Chilliwack is one of Canada Goose's most beloved jackets.

In a release, the brand describes the women behind the parka designs, saying: "The designers of Project Atigi are mothers and grandmothers, nurses and teachers, office workers and small business owners - but when they pick up a needle and thread, they become something else: designers." It goes on to explain how each of the 18 women were sent kits which includes the brand's Arctic Tech fabric, fur for trimming, and zippers and lining. They were tasked with designing a capsule collection of five gender - neutral pieces representative of their culture and artisanship.

Exercise, this is not. Instead, it is about existing in nature whether a forest, park, lake, or a garden and letting the sights, sounds, and smells transport you into a state of mindfulness and meditation.

I flew back to Toronto at the end of February and haven't left. The project shut down, and my former life the one where I was out in the world disappeared.

It's that season again. It's the cold winter season, the snow season, and also the "Canada Goose" season. Full tonal nylon poplin lining. When Cameron Bailey, co - head and Artistic Director of TIFF, asked that I be an Ambassador this year, I thought about my younger self - the one standing in the back of the Royal York Hotel hoping one day I would find my place in the community.