How Do I Fix Canon Drivers That Unavailable On Windows

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How to fix the error "printer drivers are unavailable." Here's a solution to help you fix the problem with your computer.

Error warnings such as printer driver unavailable, a printer driver is unavailable, or the canon driver unavailable arise when your computer fails to detect the printer. Not only that, but if the printer driver is out of date or corrupted, it will cause problems. As a result, to resolve the issues, you'll need to reinstall the printer driver.

Although it may appear that reinstalling a printer driver is simple, it is not. Those with only a basic understanding of the device will have a difficult time locating the suitable driver. As a result, in this piece, we'll teach you how to use both manual and automatic methods to troubleshoot printer drivers that aren't working on Windows 10. The most basic way is definitely an automatic method, as it requires little work on your part. We recommend calling Cano Printer Expert, a fantastic driver updater software, for this.

Why is it necessary to have a Canon printer driver

What does driver unavailable mean for canon printer when it says Driver Unavailable? The error 'Driver Unavailable for Printer' indicates that the printer drivers you installed are outdated or unsuitable. It's also possible that the drivers have become corrupted or that the device has lost recognition of them. If your printer displays a Driver Unavailable for Printer error, you should get expert assistance to resolve the issue.

Not a hardware default, but obsolete, corrupted, or incompatible drivers are the most typical cause of driver unavailable for printer troubles. As a result, it's crucial that your drivers are up to date.

What should I do if a printer driver is not available

Manually installing printer drivers can fix the 'printer driver unavailable' problem. There have been multiple reports of printers that worked OK before a Windows 10 update, but then got scrambled later. It's probable that the Windows upgrade won't work on every computer. Manually updating the drivers is the most efficient way to fix the Driver Unavailable for Printer problem.

  • Hit the 'Windows + R' button to open the 'Run' dialogue box, type 'devmgmt.msc' in the dialogue box, and then press the 'Enter' key. This will open the device management programme on your PC.
  • Go to Hardware, open the 'Print Queues' section, right-click 'Printer Hardware,' and choose 'Update Driver.'
  • A Windows dialogue box will appear, prompting you to choose a driver update method. Select the second choice to move on to the next phase.
  • Locate and update the driver file you downloaded using the Browse button.
  • Examine your printer to see if it is still functional. Download " wushowhide.diagcab" from a Microsoft official website if the printer is working.
  • Continue with the instructions to install the package and resolve the Driver Unavailable for Printer problem.
  • Simply press the next button to proceed.
  • Select 'Hide Updates' from the drop-down menu.
  • Continue by selecting 'Print Update'. You may now manually update the drivers whenever you want to resolve the Driver Unavailable for Printer problem.

A challenging problem, Driver Unavailable for Printer, needs a complete reinstallation, which is generally beyond the capability of the common user. As a result, for addressing the Driver Unavailable for Printer issue, experienced tech support from skilled specialists is critical. Experts are well-versed in the problem and its solution. So, if you're having trouble with a Driver Unavailable for Printer error, contact the experts, and they'll assist you in no time.

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