Healthcare Print Management

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In this article we read about healthcare print management.

You want to give your patients your undivided attention, just like any other healthcare practitioner, but this can be challenging when administrative tasks compete for your time and resources. It's ideal to invest in technologies that will make running your healthcare company easier, such as a powerful enterprise print management system that helps you and your team to preserve patient data while also ensuring regulatory compliance (including GDPR and HIPAA).

Forget about printing problems.

Enterprise print management is essential for increasing security, increasing efficiency, and improving patient care and services. Using the tools to successfully maintain and operate your whole printer fleet from a central user interface, you can consolidate print administration and minimize printing expenses with the correct software.


What factors should you consider when selecting an enterprise print management solution for your healthcare organization? Here are some characteristics to keep an eye out for:

Reporting on regulatory compliance
Regardless of the size of your practice, it must adhere to all applicable healthcare rules. This should be supported by reporting tools and analytics in a centralized enterprise print management solution. It should be able to track down who printed, scanned, or copied what, when, and where, as well as generate automated reports to make auditing easier. Real-time status monitoring should be possible using the software.

Printing flexibility
By letting you and your team print securely on any printer, the proper enterprise print management system will make you and your team more flexible and productive. Some solutions can be integrated with your digital patient records platform to assist your employees to save time and improving workflows.

Print release and printing security
A secure print release is a useful feature that can assist protect personal and sensitive patient information, especially if your team prints on many printers. Users must authenticate at the printer before their documents may be printed because of this security feature. It also protects documents from being misplaced or left neglected. When print tasks aren't released within a certain amount of time, they might be automatically erased from the queue.

Prescription Printing that is Tamper Resistant
Electronic form overlays with security features like micro-print and void pantographs are available with some printing solutions. These characteristics make it possible to print tamper-resistant prescriptions that comply with CMS criteria on plain paper using conventional printers. Using pre-printed forms, special printers, locking trays, and processes to securely buy, store, distribute, and track the usage of the unique pre-printed forms saves a lot of money.

Print spooling and central order details
A centralized hub for managing and controlling several enterprise systems, including EMRs, is required for effective enterprise print management. Make sure your enterprise print management solution includes troubleshooting tools, error notifications, productivity features (such as re-start, re-print, and fail-over), and a mobile printing option.

Enterprise print management systems that are HIPAA-compliant must follow HIPAA requirements to ensure that patient information and communications are adequately safeguarded against security breaches.

Choose the best print management system for healthcare.

Plus Technologies provides enterprise print management software that has been shown to be trustworthy. Their OM Plus-based technology is suitable for both large and small healthcare institutions. It includes everything you'll need to optimize print operations, assure safe printing, and improve device management so you can focus on your main goal: patient care.