How can you buy cryptocurrencies on the MetaMask app?

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Are you a MetaMask user? Well! If you are not, before heading towards the high point of this read, let me drive MetaMask briefly.

How can you buy cryptocurrencies on the MetaMask app?

Are you a MetaMask user? Well! If you are not, before heading towards the high point of this read, let me drive MetaMask briefly.

MetaMask Wallet is a wallet to hold cryptocurrencies which also acts as a gateway to blockchain apps. This software has several functions, including approvals, slippage prevention, and swap tokens. Even though MetaMask is a perfect fit to safeguard your assets, it offers you to explore the NFT marketplace as well.

Heading towards our topic, if you are a MetaMask user, you are already aware of the fact that MetaMask allows its users to buy assets whether you are using its extension or mobile app. 

But do you know the process of buying from the MetaMask mobile app is different from the purchasing process of the MetaMask extension?

How is the improvised purchasing process different?

Well! If you are not aware of it, you are probably excited to know- What is the difference between both of the processes? So, let me be precise.

As we know, after MetaMask sign in, every user is eligible to buy digital assets but now the modified version of the purchasing process is available on the MetaMask mobile app. In the case of the MetaMask extension, you have to select the preferred provider first and then you can enter the amount and proceed, but in mobile, you have to enter the amount first, after this you will get the providers list. Along with this, now you can buy using fiat currencies.

Understood? No worries if you didn’t get the process yet, as we will elaborate on the ultimate process to buy digital assets using the MetaMask mobile app.

Pathway for purchasing cryptos using the MetaMask app

If you want to try the improvised purchasing process, make sure you are using the MetaMask mobile app and then you can proceed by following the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Launch your MetaMask app first and proceed by performing the MetaMask sign in.
  2. After this, hit the “Buy” button available there but before that ensure that you are on the network from where you want to buy assets.
  3. Now, you will land on the menu page where you should specify a few details such as country, the coin that you want to purchase, payment method and the amount.
  4. After filling out the details and selecting your preferred payment method, press the “Get quotes” button.
  5. Then you’ll be asked to choose your preferred quote such as Buy with MoonPay or Buy with Wyre etc.
  6. Thenceforth, finalize the purchase by completing the KYC verification process if you’re purchasing for the first time using MetaMask.

Bottom line!

In the mobile app, MetaMask improvised the purchasing process. Previously, purchasing was not possible using fiat currencies but you can buy crypto assets using USD, EUR, GBP, etc. To do this you can use inbuilt “on-ramps” platforms through external providers. These on-ramps platforms aggregation is only available on improvised purchasing process to make purchasing more quick, seamless, scalable and accessible. 

The connections between MetaMask and our pre-approved suppliers will activate when you enter how much of a token you wish to purchase after performing MetaMask sign in. It will fetch you quotations from each so that you can pick up your preferred one.