His little wimp.

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His little wimp.His little wimp.His little wimp.His little wimp.His little wimp.

It was incredibly simple. Instead of waiting, I just agreed. Until Tong Xiajun hung up the phone, he was still somewhat inexplicable, but he soon forgot about it and made a personal call to the director instead. Director, what happened to General Manager Gu recently? Because they have known each other for a long time, they have become friends in private, and gossip is nothing. What's the matter? Lu Hengfei overreacted. Is there a problem with Gu An? The author has something to say: I always feel that you have misunderstood something.. Run away. But still ask for collection, ask for comments ~ Chapter 19 so-called mistakes. Tong Xiajun immediately noticed the problem and deliberately said, "General Manager Gu is in a very bad mood. He is also a little absent-minded at work today. By the way, there are several phone calls. General Manager Gu seems to care about it." It's not several, it's one, but I'm not sure about what happened before. Lu Hengfei suddenly croaked. I knew it! I knew it! That man just forgot the pain when the scar was healed! Is he a child who has not experienced anything? How so childish, still so obsessed, bastard, really is a bastard! Such a hoarse shout is also within Tong Xiajun's expectation. After all, although Lu Hengfei is very powerful in the company and very convincing to the employees below, he has a sense of responsibility, working ability,Inflatable water park on lake, steadiness and means, but when he meets Gu An, it seems that he has gone back half his life and returned to the pre-liberation era. There is no image at all. Is it an emotional problem? Tong Xiajun continued to talk. Unexpectedly, Lu Hengfei suddenly came to his senses and was not led away by him. You don't care about this thing, you can't care about it, ultimately it depends on Gu An's idea, in short,Jumping castle with slide, the next time you see Gu An answer that guy's phone, you tell me, OK? Tong Xiajun is a little pity, almost, but he still holds his mobile phone between his shoulder and head while dealing with the work in his hands. That's all right. "Please." Lu Hengfei said very seriously. Uh Tong Xiajun noticed Lu Hengfei's seriousness and dared not take it seriously. But Gu An in the office is some gnashing of teeth, clearly said to pursue (fog) him. How did it end up with a phone call?? I called once and never called again. This is a trick on me. Are you kidding me. Just play me! But one of the things that haunted his mind and frustrated him even more was. He began to regret not answering just now! Electricity! Words! What the hell is going on. His brain is probably broken, too. On the other side, Lin Che-jun pressed the phone and politely greeted the middle-aged man beside him. What a coincidence, senior Luo. I didn't expect to meet you here. Lin Che-jun had just finished negotiating with foreign businessmen, and after so many days of work, he was ready to relax and call Gu An to relieve his boredom, but suddenly a man came to his desk. As a result, when I looked up, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable floating water park, it turned out to be Luo Qingning, the head of the Luo family I met at a charity event half a month ago. However, it is not surprising that Luo Qingning appears here. After all, this is a favorite Western restaurant for some upper-class people in the business circle-Maxim Restaurant. This restaurant has a long history. It mainly deals in pure and exquisite French dishes. Exquisite French cakes, breads and desserts are quite distinctive. It has an excellent experience effect for some people who have emotional appeal or enjoy life. Although Luo Qingning seems to prefer Chinese cuisine, it is normal to talk about work here. As a result, Lin Chejun has adjusted his expression in just one second. As long as the other person is not good at capturing the expression, he will never find that Lin Chejun has changed his facial expression in an instant. We have just negotiated a cooperation with Bomei Garment Factory. Luo Qingning explained. I didn't expect us to meet again. "That's why it's a coincidence." Lin Che-jun is still wearing a decent suit today, while Rizat has not come back because he just went to the bathroom. Luo Qingning smiled, the long gown on his body is still Xiaoxiao, there are some white hair on his temples, but it is not conspicuous, but gave him a unique charm of isolation. Have you contacted the entertainment company? Luo Qingning is like an elder who cares about the younger generation at the moment. Lin Chejun smiled, "of course, the partnership has just been confirmed." Just five minutes ago, his secretary had told him the news, which was why he wanted to call Gu An. After all, they are going to have a cooperative relationship, and they need to get in touch with each other. Ha ha, that's really good. Luo Qingning laughed loudly, but his voice was still elegant and cold, like a proud and independent Qinglian, with noble temperament and imposing momentum. I befriended the Gu family. I killed three birds with one stone. I not only gave you benefits, but also gave the Lin family face. I also gave the Gu family a favor. When he finished laughing, he suddenly teased, "Lin Chejun, you have accepted my love. Don't forget what you promised me before." "Of course not. Three days later, I invite you to try a shop in S City. I believe you have never been there." On the one hand, Lin Che-jun told Luo Qingning that he could not do it today, and on the other hand, he was giving Luo Qingning a step down. After all, Luo Qingning's attitude today is to prepare to have lunch with him. Luo Qingning's fingers were slightly stopped, but he would not force it. All right, I'll wait and see. Lin Che-jun saw that Luo Qingning had already planned to release him, so he did not intend to stay long. After saying a few polite words, he said goodbye to Luo Qingning, picked up the coat on the back of the sofa, put it in his armpit, and dialed the phone while walking out. He went to the door and was about to walk to the parking lot when the phone was connected, and he immediately ordered. Rizat, you go straight back. I'll go first and meet you at my house. When he finished,Inflatable outdoor park, he said no more and hung up. He was no longer in the mood to argue with Gu An, and his good mood was completely ruined today. One is the person who has broken the plan, and the other is the person who sees the wrong person in the wrong place. Chapter 20 the so-called meal. joyshineinflatables.com