Durga Puja San Francisco

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Durga Puja in Bay Area 2022 is the most important Bengali festival which brings the community together every year and also a platform to celebrate and indulge in the heritage, traditions, business and networking, food, art and culture of Bengal with friends and family.

Bengali Cultural Association in Bay Area formulated the policies in the culture of Durga puja with no imposition of religious sanctions or any rules to follow. This social festival of Durga Puja in the bay area is considered a social festival participated by all the people, irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion. This festival is somewhere described as a most social fun gathering fest, there are some of the components used to celebrate this festival include husk, bamboo, straws, and Puniya mati also. Bengali Cultural Association in Bay Area marks this festival on year to year basis. The member of this association said that the people have generally not gone to bed for around a month to celebrate this festival.


Durga Puja in Bay Area is the only festival in which children can easily catch the literature that is closer to Bengali culture. There is some sort of things also performed in this Durga festival like men and women playing the comedy play, kids playing the drama performance, while most also performed the dance festival of Durga Bondona. All the families emerged themselves in this festival by making the great tasty food, music and culture evenings and with pandal hoping. Women also engaged themselves by some sort of decoration to decorate the place with alpona named rangoli. On the other hand, in-house, cultural programs are also celebrated at this festival.    


With all the energy buzzing in the air, the complete city is lit ups for all ten days, along with this sound of shank and dhak with the fresh bhog in the air seems to be more adorable in every household with a boundless amount of energy. Durga Puja in Bengal generally cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world, this festival is a grand, incredible, fabulous, and more joyous festival. This festival of Durga marks the entry of the goddess (Devi Maa) on the sixth day of this festival. The sound of the dhak instrument makes all their hearts race.


Durga puja is a major festival of Hindu people, this festival is generally held for almost ten days from the September to October month i.e. Ashvina, it is considered the seventh month according to the Hindu Calendar. This is the festival specifically celebrated in the Bay area of Bengal, Assam. Durga Puja in Bay Area celebrates the victory of goddess Durga in her battle against the shape-shifting demon named Mahishasura.