Asylum for fierce ghosts

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You didn't even tell me. yuan. Cai Fan chuckled. Didn't he tell you? Xiaofeng, tell Niang, how is your progress with yuan Jie? Won-hee. Feng didn't understand what yuan Caifan meant. "What's going on?" He wondered. 。

The female ghost made a frightening expression, and with that, she got a punch in the nose and fell down from behind the seat of the car. This female ghost is a wild ghost, there is no strange smell on the body, indicating that it has not harmed people, but frightening this kind of thing, Qin Kun said it is unforgivable. What I hit is a ghost! Qin Kun two punches on the nose of the female ghost, the female ghost was afraid, who is this person in the end? How could you hurt yourself? Looking at his whole body Yin Qi looming, Yang Qi more exuberant, the female ghost remembered the story mentioned by the ghost predecessors she had met. There are a lot of ghost hunters in Linjiang City. If you meet them and beg for mercy quickly, they may spare your life. Wait! Guru, the little girl was killed.. It's not an evil funeral for doing evil! Qin Kun kicked two feet again, and then picked up the female ghost. About 18 years old, seems to be a little younger than Qin Xue, wearing sportswear, as if he fell to death. "You'll scare people to death if you come out like this in the middle of the night," said Qin Kun. "Do you understand?" "Understand, understand.." The female ghost shrank aside in horror, responding carefully, and finally she was afraid of being beaten. Come on, why did you jump out of my car? The female ghost was pitiful and swallowed saliva: "I just want to take a ride to the city." I, I gave the money. Female ghost touched on the body, really took out 2 OO yuan, genuine soft sister money, not ghost money! This Qin Kun does not know whether to laugh or cry. He used to like to pretend to be an uncle and reward the little devil. It was the first time that he was rewarded by the little devil. 2oo yuan,ceramic bobbin heater, Nima is enough to circle the city. Qin Kun also did not have affectation, accepted money to give her a white look: "Get on the car.". I'll be home for dinner later. Don't waste time. Uh. Female ghost also seems to see this kind of neurotic person for the first time, she is a ghost ah, all the reactions of the other side are unreasonable ah. In fact, this kind of ghost was seen before, Qin Kun probably would be refined into a candle, but after being educated by Ge Zhan, he had the consciousness of the master of Linjiang City, and remembered the scene of the ghost vigil in Chang'an Chengtou, which gave birth to some strange ideas. To put it bluntly, the ghosts in their own city are no different from the weeds in their own yard. If you don't like it, you can cut it and pull it out. If you like it, you can keep it long. As long as you don't stumble, Qin Kun is willing to accept this kind of relationship. Chang'an Emperor's tomb is like a star, Kamado bbq grill ,Ceramic Bobbin, with thousands of ghosts running amuck. It is also where the Chinese Taoist court is located. There are so many ghosts. Why do you let them go? Qin Kun feels that sometimes, the four words of convention are more useful than fighting and killing. Qin Kun rode a bicycle and carried the female ghost to the city. Where do you get off? "Can you take me to Xixiang Street?" Damn it What the hell is this? Do ghosts like to drink now? "Yes, why not? You give money, you are the uncle." Qin Kun's lazy appearance made the female ghost dispel a lot of fear and become curious. Guru, are you really a ghost hunter? "Yes." You.. Why don't you catch me? "You?" Qin Kun head also did not return, sneer, "which ghost is able to catch.". It's good to obey the rules, and the unruly ghosts are the ones to be caught. The female ghost was stunned. Once again, I was impressed by Qin Kun's way of thinking, but when I think about it carefully, I was a little touched that not every ghost hunter has prejudice against ghosts. On Xixiang Street, the largest bar street in Linjiang City, in a dark alley, the female ghost said, "Thank you, Guru." "It's all right. Let me remind you that the reason why I don't kill you is that you don't smell of bad karma." Qin Kun's tone, with a warning. At the same time, she raised the 2 OO yuan she had just given. The female ghost explains knowingly: "This is my own money.". I fell to my death while climbing the mountain, and the money came from the body, which was cremated a week ago. Uh? A week ago? It seems that the female ghost was buried by Tuwa. Since it was only a muddle-headed ghost who had died a violent death, Qin Kun didn't mind accepting the money. By the way, don't go to the Night Charm Bar! Qin Kun left this sentence and rode away without looking back. Night Charm Bar? This is one of the famous bars in Xixiang Street. The female ghost lived a regular life before she died. After she died, she wanted to indulge, drink, chat and so on. She came to Xixiang Street tonight and wanted to go to the Night Charm Bar. It's just a bar. Should it be all right? The female ghost seems to have the magic of transfiguration. She came out of the alley and became an athletic girl with a good figure. Twisting his hips and walking towards the Night Charm Bar. After seeing off the female ghost, when Qin Kun rode out of Xixiang Street, a beetle honked its horn at him. Qin Kun, don't you give me a call when you come to Xixiang Street? Ying Fengyao looked at Qin Kun in the car window. Qin Kun really speechless, he did not expect, in the street can encounter her? Qin Kun gave a dry cough, "I came to see someone off, and I have to go home for dinner later." "Ying Fengyao gave him a resentful look and sniffed in the air, smelling the faint perfume." Is bubbery's sports fragrance a woman? " Ying Fengyao suddenly felt wrong: "Qin Kun, how can you send a female ghost?!" Damn it! Are all women born in the year of dog? Can you ***ing smell it? "Well, do me a favor." Qin Kundao. Your taste has changed recently.. Do you need me to help you change your taste? Ying Fengyao's bitter eyes, hidden in the fundus of the poisonous color, some terrible. This woman is really capable of killing people when she is in a hurry. Besides, my ***ing taste has changed! "Don't talk nonsense. Your nose is so smart. Can't you smell that I have something to do with that female ghost?"? I have something to do this week, so I'll go back first. Qin Kun rode away with a stuffy head. But less than three seconds later, the red men and green women in Xixiang Street showed an amazing scene. A beetle suddenly hit a man on a bicycle on purpose. The thump was so loud that pedestrians looked askance and some screamed. Qin Kun flew out, but in the air, Qin Kunxun adjusted his balance and landed safely on the ground 3 meters away. Although the landing posture was very handsome, he still shouted with a lingering fear: "Ying Fengyao,ceramic bobbin heater core, you are crazy!" Just now, Qin Kun really felt that Ying Fengyao was going to kill herself. Shit, has this man ever learned martial arts? "You're so ***ing hanging that you're not hurt?" "The way he landed was so handsome." "He is also very handsome.".