Search for the mystery of the case

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Into the inner room, Gu Xiaotian did not rush to speak first,

Into the inner room, Gu Xiaotian did not rush to speak first, but let the slave make a pot of tea, wait for two people to sit down, she sighed heavily, eyes seem to have a bitter place. Miss Huo.. I listened to what others said about you and the moon. I didn't hide it from you. I just took a moment to ask the meaning of the moon. Although he didn't speak, my mother knew in her heart that he had identified you. The child of the moon had been spoiled by our husband and wife since childhood. His temperament was not as virtuous as some men's, but his heart was good.. Miss Huo, it's not the same thing for you to face the moon for no reason now. Why don't I choose a day for you to do it. In case of procrastination, if one day the moon has a big belly, it will be ugly. Gu Xiaotian dawdled for a long time before opening his mouth to say things out, the look will be a mother's concerns clearly spread out in front of Huo Mingzhu, there is no threat or coercion, there is only a mother to the son's anxiety. Huo Mingzhu was really in a dilemma. She couldn't get off the stage. It was absolutely impossible to tell the truth. It really didn't work for a person who was as straightforward as Gu Xiaotian. She turned her eyes. The more anxious she was, the more she couldn't think of a way. For a moment, on her forehead, her back was sweating, and her eyebrows gathered in one place. "" Hey, Miss Huo you say a word ah, is it difficult for you to want to play over not to admit? "Gu Xiaotian see her don't open her mouth, in the heart a hurry immediately thought of the disadvantage, hot temper for a while did not stop, can not help but swing up the sleeve to greet her face in the past." Mother, stop. The ancient moon in front of him seemed to fall from the sky, blocking the fist of Gu Xiaotian,Planetary Gear Motor, and snapped. Pearl, are you all right? "After appeasing his mother, Gu Yue had time to care about the mood of the people behind him." Not bad Huo Mingzhu's eyes brightened. Before today, she had never felt that Gu Yue's image was so profound. But tonight, he was reasonable and impetuous. When he was in front of himself just now, he had a little more long-lost manliness. His heart could not help but deepen his affection and look at him differently. It's all right. You go back first. I'll take care of my mother. Gu Yue saw that she was all right and finally breathed a sigh of relief, then called the boy, whispered a few words, watched her and Liu Bingshuang get into the carriage before turning around and turning back to argue with her mother. Early in the morning,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Lian Ying ordered his palace people to find out the heating stove for winter and put it in Shuxian Pavilion. He kept saying that winter was coming, that everything should be prepared before it happened. In the emperor's side for a long time, Lian Ying is young, but the tone is more like an old man, everything is more than others a mind, think deeply far. Your Majesty, the black bodyguard has arrived. Would you like to announce it now or wait until lunch? "Lian Ying received the message from the servant and went to Rong Tian's side and asked softly.". Rong Tian coughed twice and raised his hand. Xuan.. Lian Ying immediately understood and winked outward. Moments later, Hei Yi knelt down in front of Rong Tian, waiting for orders. This time he received the order of Rong Tian and came to wait for orders, so he had no idea what the order was. Black one, I.. Cough, tell you no matter what way to bring Huo Mingzhu, but the premise. Don't hurt her, did you hear clearly? "Rong Tian's body is getting more and more uncomfortable, sometimes looking at the table full of dishes can not lift any appetite, sometimes looking at the memorial will be stunned to tears, he always thought he was strong, small geared motors ,brushless gear motor, but these days of sentimentality let him understand that he is a man after all, the heart is also hoping to be accompanied by the people he loves, holding in the palm of his hand." The little man understands. Black eyes flashed a trace of surprise, nodded and answered. Your Majesty, would you like to go down to arrange it first? "Lian Ying has been with him since he was a child. Although he can't say that he is a worm in the master's stomach, he can guess most of his thoughts.". Rong Tian looked at him coldly, then silently turned his face away and did not make a sound. The slave went down first. Lian Ying cleverly retreated, went to the door, took special care of the palace people, let her remember to serve the emperor to eat, don't delay the time. Rong Tian bent over the table in front of him, his eyes were full of firmness and determination, but in the depths of the black Tan, there was an imperceptible apology and a heart-wrenching sadness. Pearl. After this matter, I honor the day not to waste to human affairs, after the day, have your child to accompany my side, I also calculate the wish, no longer forced. The tears in the eyes unconsciously drop on the table, slowly dizzy into a mass of water stains, people can not help but feel distressed. On the way out to the Yamen in the morning, watching the people around him pointing at him, Huo Mingzhu sighed at the speed of transmission while calculating the time for the murderer to start, according to the time analysis of the first three cases, the murderer is not an easy person to start, so, now they estimate that they can not get into the line of sight of the murderer, time has to slow down again, as for the kungfu of refueling and vinegar.. The people in front of her seemed to be the best catalyst, and she could not afford to bother. Huo Mingzhu walked slowly to the corner of the alley, only to find that his voice suddenly came from behind, and he could not help looking back. This look, the words have not been exported, in front of the palm first, Huo Mingzhu hurriedly a head, sideways palm wind to avoid, then in the hands of the condensation of hostility, split to the person in front of. Hei Yi is not a fuel-efficient lamp, not to mention that he was ordered by the emperor this time, so he naturally tried his best. The two of them fought back and forth with fists and feet. For a while, they fought in the corner of this deserted alley. Black one, you this is what meaning? "A few strokes down, Huo Mingzhu found the way, this black one hand although ruthless, but everywhere is to avoid the vital point, do not hurt her life.". In contrast, he is ruthless, fast, in, toward the gate of his life roaring away, leaving no mercy. Lord Huo, good kung fu. After half a ring, Hei Yi knew he was defeated. Master, if the fight with life, he will not lose,Small Dc Gear Motor, but the emperor's life is difficult to disobey, he is willing to bow to the wind, bow to capture.