There are two types of PPE these include simple and complex.

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Tarpaulin and Its UsesTarpaulin and Its UsesTarpaulin and Its Uses

Personal protective equipment (PPE), or called Protective Body refers to all equipment (e.g. devices, appliances and associated accessories) that is worn by an individual, in order to provide protection against one or more health or safety risks, whilst at work.


There are two types of PPE these include simple and complex.

Simple personal protective equipment – this refers to equipment that has a basic design model, it protects against lower risk hazards. It is reasonable to assume with this type of PPE that the user – is aware of the hazards, can see the risk gradually increasing and is able to make an assessment and safely identify the need for PPE to be worn.

Complex personal protective equipment – this refers to equipment that it more of a technical design and provides protection against fatal or serious risk. With this type of PPE the user cannot identity the hazard in sufficient time and is immediately exposed to hazards that have irreversible effects.


Coverall is one of the most widely used personal protective equipments during work or life. Coverall is a type of safety clothing formed by a very strong protective fabric. The function of a coverall is to protect the workers as well as the clothing from different types of hazards, which include burning or sometimes splashes of acids and other things like this. Therefore, the workers and in the workplaces coveralls are highly in demand.


In addition, to offer a protective layer the coveralls comes in a variety of different types. Each one of them serves in its own way by allowing safety to the workers. For this, there are a few different types of safety coveralls, which allow 100% safety to the workers and make them, work comfortably.


These are a few prominent different types of safety coveralls, which highly contributes to providing safety and protection from various hazards. Let us now discuss the details about these.

1: Standard Protective Coverall

A basic protective coverall is the one, which provides a protective layer against various standard issues like dirt, pollution, stains and water splashes. Workers with everyday minimal tasks mainly use this basic protective coverall as to allow them to deal with common issues. As well as the workers in hotels also wear protective clothing to protect their clothes from stains of food or liquid. Therefore, this is one of the best and highly in demand coverall because of its capacity of bearing almost every standard issue. Therefore, it is one of the most commonly used safety coveralls.


2: Fire Retardant/Resistant Coverall

The next type of safety coverall is a Fire resistant coverall also known as FR coverall. Clearly, from the name, it is understandable that it is the one used by workers working in fire retardant service. As they are responsible for overcoming the fire explosion therefore, it is one of the best safety coveralls for them. It will help them stay safe from burning as well as from chemical contact with the body or clothes. Therefore, every worker, working in this field must use this coverall in order to stay safe and protective. This will protect them from various problems in a complete way.


3: Waterproof Coverall

This is also another important type of safety coverall for the workers, working in several working places where the excess of the work is with water. Again, from the name it is clear that it will allow safety against water and protect the clothes from being wet. This type of coverall is the best for protection against wet areas and regions. None of the workers wants to make himself wet while working, therefore, it is the best suitable for such situations. Moreover, it is commonly available.


Besides, they can be devided into smaller types with more specific purposes, for example, there are Isolation GownLab CoatScrub SuitPatient GownCPE GownApronCapeSurgical Gown and so on.